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Advice, support and information for hearing impaired younger people who are working or studying.

Hiype! is a UK based web resource for hearing impaired people who are working or studying and are looking for some pointers. Whether you consider yourself hearing impaired, hard of hearing, deaf or deafened the main thing is that you won't be thinking about picking up your pension just yet.

Hearing Aid Know

“Unbiased hearing aids and hearing loss information from a hearing aid wearer. Hearing aid reviews. Advice and tips on living with hearing loss.” hearingaidknow.com is written by Steve Claridge.

"I started this website because I’ve found that a lot of other hearing aid and deafness related sites are overly technical – I want to talk about issues, give tips and hints and share thoughts in plain english without too much of the technical mumbo-jumbo. I also post the latest deaf/hard of hearing news from around the Internet."

Visit www.hearingaidknow.com

Updated 18.08.11



funny old life

This blog is about living with a hearing loss in London (UK), bringing up various issues surrounding hearing loss.

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just smudge

Hi, my name is Smudge, I’m a Hearing Dog living in London, England. I’m a cocker poo (cocker spaniel and poodle cross), a breed that’s great for people with allergies. Enjoy the read.

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about hiype!

Meet the web mistress find out why we've been online over 10 years, fighting the myth that anyone under 65 with a hearing loss must have been beamed down from another planet!

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